Water Quality

Water Sampling Map

Our interactive map allows users to view the drinking water sampling data conducted by Parker Water and Sanitation District.

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Our Drinking Water

The water supplied to Parker Water & Sanitation District’s (PWSD) customers is a combination of groundwater and surface water. The groundwater is pumped from Denver basin aquifers and the surface water is stored in the Rueter-Hess Reservoir and treated through the Rueter-Hess Purification Facility. Thirty wells, the water treatment plant, and four booster stations supply water to five storage tanks with a combined storage capacity of 20 million gallons. In accordance with Colorado Primary Drinking Water Regulations, the water is disinfected by the addition of chloramine. To further enhance water quality, PWSD adds a kosher food-grade sequestering agent (SeaQuest) designed to minimize the effects of iron and other minerals within the water distribution system.

Water System Overview

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Rueter-Hess Reservoir Water Purification Facility

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Currently, 60 bacteria drinking water samples are collected and analyzed each month. Samples are taken from each water supply source and analyzed for organic, inorganic, and radiological constituents based on a monitoring schedule from Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment. The results are reported in the annual Consumer Confidence Report. In addition to supplying safe, clean drinking water, the Water Resources Department is also responsible for locating all water and sanitary sewer utilities, responding to after-hours water and sewer emergencies, and answering customer’s water quality questions and concerns.

Parker Water customers enjoy safe, reliable water supplies that meet and exceed rigorous standards set by the state of Colorado and the federal government. Parker Water employees are dedicated to providing their customers with clean, high quality water.

Drinking water is regulated by federal and state agencies operating under the 1974 Safe Drinking Water Act. Parker tests its water for more than 130 substances, including bacteria, minerals, pesticides, and microorganisms.