Regulation 85

A nutrient monitoring program called 'Regulation 85 (PDF)' was implemented by the Colorado Department of Public Safety and Environment 2013. Parker Water and Sanitation is required to sample three locations along Cherry Creek on a monthly basis and provide the data in a public forum. The results are updated and posted online (PDF) as new data is collected. 

The sample sites consist of two locations from Cherry Creek and the discharge from the water reclamation facilities. The upstream Cherry Creek site is identified as "OCS." The downstream site is identified at "Cherry Creek C," and the discharge from the treatment plants is referred to as "Sulphur Gulch." Cherry Creek C and OCS bracket the discharge location of Sulphur Gulch. The map below illustrates the sample Locations along Cherry Creek. 

Samples are analyzed for total phosphorus and total nitrogen. Flow data is also collected at the time of sampling. If you have questions regarding this program, please contact our Technical Services Manager at 303-841-4627 ext. 355 or refer to the Regulation 85 link listed online (PDF)

View the Parker Water and Sanitation District Regulation 85 Nutrient Monitoring Report (PDF) 

PWSD Reg85 SiteMap