RHR Recreation Master Plan

The Rueter-Hess Recreation Master Plan is complete!


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The creation of the Rueter-Hess Recreation Master Plan

Ultimately, the goal of the Rueter-Hess Recreation Master Plan is to develop a range of recreational opportunities in and around the reservoir, while safeguarding the quality of water in the reservoir and preserving the natural environment of the site. The Rueter-Hess Recreation Authority received great input from the public, which has been taken into account in the development of the newly completed Rueter-Hess Recreation Master Plan.

The master planning process began in November 2015, with an initial online survey that garnered nearly 4,000 responses. Phase two of the planning process included developing concept alternatives for public feedback in February 2016 (including three open houses and an additional online survey).

Landscape architecture firm, Wenk Associates, actively engaged the community by gathering feedback and comments throughout the development phase.

The primary purpose of the Rueter-Hess Reservoir is to store and provide safe, clean drinking water to its customers; however, the Parker Water & Sanitation Board of Directors are enjoying the addition of recreation on the site.

On behalf of the Rueter-Hess Recreation Authority, in 2017, the Towns of Parker and Castle Rock started providing pre-registered recreational and cultural programs, as well as coordinating a few special events at the reservoir. 2018 has brought more of the same, including additional dates/hours available for participation - and, a few additional opportunities. For details, check out RHRecreation.

Recreational project partners forming the Rueter-Hess Recreation Authority include:

* City of Lone Tree
* City of Castle Pines
* Town of Castle Rock
* Town of Parker
* Parker Water and Sanitation District
* Douglas County

This regional, collaborative approach to bringing recreation to a reservoir is unique. The Recreation Authority partners look forward to future recreation enhancements.