Aquahawk & Meter Replacement Project

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Water Meter Replacement Project Flyer

For questions, concerns, or to report a water leak following this installation, please contact UMS at (800) 297-0511.

How to schedule your appointment:

You will receive a letter letting you know that UMS installation crews are in your area, and we are ready to schedule the replacement of the water meter.  See the maps below to check whether we are currently working in your area.

To schedule your appointment, please have your account number ready and visit UMS 24-hr online scheduling portal at  Appointments can also be made by calling the UMS Call Center at (844)741-6248.  Spanish speaking agents are available (Option #2).  Scheduling agents are available Monday-Friday, 6:00am to 4:00pm mountain time, Saturdays 6:30am to 2:00pm mountain time.

Appointments are available Monday through Friday, 8:00am to 4:00pm.  You can schedule an appointment spanning a two-hour block of time.  The installer will arrive within the two-hour time frame.  The installation should take approximately 30-60 minutes.

Current meter replacement area maps:

Phase A - Rowley Downs, Hidden River, Sunset Ridge, Parker Vista
Phase B - Willow Park, Bradbury Ranch, Quail Creek, Rampart Station, Turtle Creek, Saddlebrook, Country Meadows
Phase C - Auburn Hills, Canterberry, Spirit Gulch, Challenger Park
Phase D and E - Clarke Farms, Stroh Ranch
What Happens during installation?
Our partners, UMS, will come to your address and replace the water meter.  In most cases, it is a simple procedure that will require 30-60 minutes.  It takes approximately 15-20 minutes to change the meter itself.  During that time, no water can be used.

To prepare for the installation:

  • UMS will need to access the service line area inside your home or business.
  • The area should be clear and accessible.
  • Homeowner or responsible party (18 years or older) must be present at the time of installation.
  • Pets must be secured.
Post-Installation Survey
sensus meter

Your satisfaction is important to us!  Please click here to complete a short survey about your experience with the meter replacement process.
Aquahawk Customer Portal - This service available post-installation

Online Aquahawk Customer Portal is now available at!

  • To register online for this NO ADDITIONAL COST SERVICE, you will need a valid e-mail, a current phone number and your account number. 
  • Once the new meter installation is complete, please note that it may take up to 10 business days for the initial meter data to appear in your account portal.

Click HELP for videos and step-by-step assistance with the registration process.

  • For additional assistance with AquaHawk, please contact Parker Water Customer Service representatives at (303)841-4627 - Option 5.

Reference the image below for a brief overview of the account information page.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Why is the water meter being replaced? 

Over time, meters wear out, and can under register the amount of water being used. By replacing meters, usage readings will be more accurate. In addition, the new system will include meter reading technology that will save labor, wear and tear on District vehicles, prevent reading recording errors, and minimize the need for District personnel to go on to customer’s private property to read the meter. This technology will also empower customers to manage their water use by providing more timely information through an online customer portal where customers can access they own meter reading information, set up usage threshold alerts, and identify potential leaks.

2. How does the new metering technology benefit me? 

The new technology has a customer portal – AquaHawk - that allows you to find out your water use usually within a day, much faster than waiting for your water bill to arrive. 

Each customer can set up individualized usage thresholds/budgets in the customer portal, see how your usage compares to the same time last year, and can also alert for high use or continuous flow (which usually means you have a leak!). 

Understanding your water use helps you make informed decisions about your water use and your water bill.

3. When will I get a new meter?

PWSD will be replacing water meters over the next several years.  We are starting in areas that have the oldest meters that require walking from home to home to read.  See the replacement area maps above for current areas we are working in.

4. Can you tell me more about how the meter replacement process works? 

When will this work be performed? 
The work is beginning in November 2016 and will continue in different phases for the next several years. You will receive a letter when crews are replacing meters in your area. You can also visit our website for a map outlining the areas and approximately when crews will be in your neighborhood.

You will receive a letter letting you know that crews are in your area, and we are ready to schedule the replacement of your water meter. The work will be performed Mondays through Fridays, during the hours of 8:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m. You will be provided with how you can schedule your appointment online, or call in to our scheduling center. 

How long will it take, and will my service be affected? 
Our partners, UMS, will come to your address and replace the water meter. In most cases, it is a simple procedure that will require 30-60 minutes. It takes approximately 15-20 minutes to change the meter itself. During that time no water can be used, but after that you can expect the same great service! 

How do I know who is authorized to do the work? 
Our partners, UMS, will be performing the meter replacement. They will be driving "UTILITY METERING SOLUTIONS" trucks, wearing bright shirts, jackets, or vests identified by "UTILITY METERING SOLUTIONS" and carrying appropriate credentials. 

Do they need to come inside my home/business? 
If the water meter is located inside your home in your basement or crawl space, yes, the installers will need to get into your home. For businesses, or multi-family residential customers, the water meter is usually in a mechanical room, so access is needed. The majority of homes built after 2008 have outside meter pit sets. 

Do I have to be present for the installation if the meter is inside my home? 
If the water meter is located inside, yes. For your peace of mind, we require an adult be present during the installation. The installer will not enter your home unless authorized to do so by someone 18 years old or older. 

What will they do inside my home? 
Installers will remove the old water meter, install the new meter, and install the meter communication endpoint, which usually goes on the outside of the home or building. 

What if the meter is outside my home? 
If the water meter is located outside in a meter pit, it will not be necessary for anyone to be home. In this case, the majority of the work will take place near the street in the meter pit.

5.  The box on the outside of my house seems larger than before.  Why?

When you have a box on the outside of your house, that means the actual water meter is somewhere in your basement.  The box on the outside of your house is a battery-operated endpoint.  There is a communication wire that runs from the meter, through your home, and connects to this endpoint, which transmits your meter readings.  The different size and configuration is due to a 20-year battery that is inside.  This is actually the smallest unit available.  These can be painted if you want them to blend in more with your home's exterior.

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. Will the wireless technology affect my health, privacy or other electronic devices in my home?


The new meters will not negatively affect health or privacy. In fact, these meters better address these types of concerns by replacing vehicles and manual visits to your home with environmentally clean radio communication. The wireless portions of the system:

Will be operated according to Federal Communications Commission rules;

Will not interfere with other radio frequencies in the area;

When the meter is inside, the radio transmitter will be mounted outside the home or place of business, and the transmission time is only 15 seconds per day.

Still have questions?

Contact the PWSD office via phone at
(720) 842- 4233
or by email at