Leak Detection

Even minor faucet leaks can add up on your water bill – especially under a tiered rate structure. The resources below will help you to monitor, detect, and troubleshoot your leaks to save on your next water bill.

Detecting Leaks

You can now monitor leaks and receive timely alert notifications through our no-cost AquaHawk Alerting system. Learn more about our AquaHawk customer portal.

Alternatively, you can also use your meter to detect water leaks. First, locate your meter, often found in the basement for residential customers. Turn off all fixtures around your home, and make sure your irrigation system is not running. With all water turned off, make a note of the current meter reading and keep fixtures turned off for one hour. Then check back at the meter, if the reading has changed, you have a water leak.

Common Sources

Remember, anything on your property that uses water can leak! Learn how to troubleshoot common indoor and outdoor leaks on this checklist. 

Leak Detection Checklist