Candidate Bio: Merlin Klotz

As a CPA in private industry, I was involved in more than a dozen startup or rapid growth companies. In 1987 I was an organizer in the first two attempts to create the city of Centennial. From 2010 to present I have been a Parker Water [PWSD] board director, most recently as President. From January 2015 to 2023, I served as Douglas County Clerk and Recorder.

CPA, IBDC.D (International Board Competency Designation).

In 2008, an announced 28% rate increase, prompted a group of us, including Dale Reiman and Bill Wasserman, to initiate a take over of the PWSD Board. In 2010 we gained control and pledged annual rate increases not to exceed the rate of inflation.

For 2023 when year over year inflation was 8%, we held the rate increase for an average single family equivalent to 3%. Since 2011 the board reduced property tax milage rate from 14.9% to 7.7%

Since gaining control of the board in 2010 we have:

• Increased credit rating to AA+

• Doubled population, doubled total assets and tripled liquid assets

•  Acquired water rights for full build out

• Organized WISE program between Denver, Aurora to bring water to South Metro water districts

• Doubled the size of North Water Reclamation plant

• Began construction on needed Administration/Operations facility

 Initiated iron manganese filtration project  

• Began engineering and right of way for Platte Valley Water Partnership

Every Board member must bring large entity, forward thinking, policy level board experience such as myself, Dale Reiman and Bill Wasserman have.