DFO Field Tour to RHR 2016


District Facility Tours Available


Parties interested in touring the District should send an


, include the names of all participants, the requested tour date, and a contact phone number so dates and times can be arranged.

Parker Water & Sanitation District tours

The Parker Water and Sanitation District is a leader in implementing a 75% renewable water system that members of Congress, State Legislators, American Waterworks Association members and others come to see.  We now have a great opportunity for District customers, school classes, and other interested groups to tour the infrastructure and technology that brings water to homes and businesses, in addition to the wastewater reclamation process.

Get an up-close look at the District's...

     * North Water Reclamation Facilities                       * Cherry Creek Diversion Dam & Pump Station
     * Rueter-Hess Reservoir                                                * Rueter-Hess Water Purification Facility
Full tours take approximately 4 hours (reduced tours are available upon request). Walking is required and stairs will be encountered at some facilities. The District will provide transportation to and from the outlying facilities.  All tours begin at our North Water Reclamation Facility. 
                           * Participants MUST sign up in advance 
                           * Some outside walking is required (no open-toed shoes)
                           * Weather appropriate clothing recommended 
                           * No children under 5, please 
Following the full 4-hour tour, District customers get $15 off your next bill (mention this when scheduling)!