Why did you choose this location?

After reviewing multiple PWSD-owned sites, the Rueter-Hess location was selected due to its centralized location within the district and, specifically, its proximity to the Rueter-Hess Reservoir and Water Purification Facility. Additionally, the location is also large enough to allow all departments and staff to come together in one space, meets PWSD’s projected 20-year growth needs, and allows for future expansion if needed.

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1. Why did you choose this location?
2. What does the building look like?
3. What was the timeline for the project?
4. What was the budget for this? Did it affect my rates?
5. How does it impact the surrounding community?
6. How will the community benefit from the building?
7. How does the site respect the history of the Parker area?
8. Does it impact any businesses?
9. Who were the partners on this project?
10. Did the building incorporate any new and interesting technologies?
11. Who should the public contact about the project?