Billing & Rates

19801 East Mainstreet
Parker, CO 80138
Phone:  303-841-4627
e-mail:                                   Walk-in Office Hours: Monday thru Friday 7:30 a.m. – 4:30 p.m.


Make bill paying as EASY as turning on your faucet! Use our FREE automatic bill pay service that draws your payment directly from a designated checking or savings account each month.

Make Payments easy with ACH






How to make them
In addition to the on-line payment options listed above, we accept checks, cash and money orders.

Phone payments
Office hours are 7:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Please dial 303-841-4627, after office hours please dial 1-888-844-8586.
A correct Parker Water Account number is needed.
Note: Credit Card payments are available through the On-Line-Payment link and by phone. A small convenience fee will be assessed based on the transaction amount. This fee is not collected by PWSD, it is collected by our secure payment processing vendor to cover the costs of the transaction.

When to make them
Payments are due upon receipt, but no later than the last day of the month.

Drop box payments
We have a 24-hour drop box for payment convenience. For your security, please do not leave cash payments in the drop box.
If your account is at risk of disconnect and you visit during business hours, please bring your payment in to the office rather than leaving it in the drop box to ensure prompt processing.

Delinquent Shut-Offs
When using the On-Line Payment service for payment on delinquent accounts, the Customer MUST:

    1) Account for an $80 Suspension Fee which MAY NOT be reflected in the Balance Due.
    2) Call the Billing Department at 303-841-4627, or e-mail with the Credit Card Payment Confirmation Number         so that service can be re-instated. (Credit Card Fees Apply)

Please Note: If your water has been suspended and you pay on-line AFTER 4:30PM, it will NOT be turned on until after 8:00AM the following morning.


Payment Guidelines & Disconnection of Service

Parker Water & Sanitation District mails a monthly billing statement during the 1st week of each month. Payment is due upon receipt, but no later than the last day of the month.

If payment is NOT received by the last day of the month, a "Delinquent Notice" is mailed.

Delinquent Notices are printed on a RED form and show the delinquent amount due from the previous month's bill. Payment MUST be received by 7:30AM on the 13th of that month.

If payment is not received by that deadline, the account is considered in suspension and a Suspension Fee of $80.00 is added to the account. A technician is then sent to suspend service.

The suspension fee covers the administrative as well as operational costs to the District to perform suspensions and reconnections. This fee is added to the account even though occasionally water service is not physically disconnected.

Please Note: Customers will receive a current month's bill within a few days of receiving a Delinquent Notice. The amount on the current bill will show a Previous Balance followed by the new charges. The total due reflects all charges due. The Delinquent Balance must be received by 7:30AM on the 13th of the month. Current charges must be received no later than the last day of the month.