Average Water Use

PWS Water Footprint
DID YOU KNOWthe average person in Parker uses 123 gallons of water a day vs. a Denver Water customer who uses 85 gallons. Why the big difference? Primarily because many Denver residents in older neighborhoods hand water plants and lawns, which uses a lot less water than those of us with automatic irrigation systems. In addition, large shade tree canopies that exist in Denver cool landscapes and reduce evaporation from soils and plants in the summer months. 

A typical family’s water habits look like this: 

  • 54% landscaping (Xeriscape plants/shrubs saves 2,500 or more gallons!)
  • 13% toilets (use high-efficiency toilets)
  • 11% laundry (high-efficiency washers saves 216-288 gallons)
  • 10% showers/baths (shower 5 minutes less saves 200 gallons)
  • 6% faucets (turn off when brushing teeth/shaving)
  • 5% leaks (add up quickly, a typical leak = 600 gallons)
  • 1% dishwashers (only run when full)