Pay My Bill

PWSD implemented a new and improved platform for payment and billing notification services on Aug. 24, 2021. Click here to see how your access to online services may have been affected by this change.

Automatic Withdrawal Payments (ACH):

To set up Automatic Payments (AutoPay) or to schedule recurring payments on a date of your choosing, please visit Invoice Cloud directly.

You will need to register your account with your PWSD Account Number and your service address (address number & street name) to enroll in these automatic payment services (refer to “Online Payment & Online Account Management Information”).

Online Payment & Account Management:

You can pay online using a variety of payment methods by clicking here.

Registering your account online will afford you numerous benefits, including these convenient features:

  • Automatic payments (AutoPay), with the ability to use a checking, savings, or credit/debit card for payment
  • Pay-By-Text option
  • Pay/Add/Manage multiple accounts under a single sign-on.
  • Schedule recurring payments on a date of your choosing.
  • Add/Manage additional users for your online account, including user access control.
  • Add/Manage multiple payment methods.
  • Set your own billing/payment reminders.
  • Enroll in paperless billing (you will still have the ability to view, save, or print your statements).

Start the online registration process by clicking here and then selecting “Water/Sewer” on the payment portal. You will need your PWSD Account Number and your service address (address number & street name) to register.

*Important Note: Account owners will want to register for an online account BEFORE inviting a property manager or renter to enroll in an online account.

You do not need to register to make a one-time payment to your PWSD account(s) from the PWSD payment portal.

Phone Payments:

The number for our automated phone payment system is: 1-844-793-0776. 

A correct Parker Water & Sanitation account number is needed. Credit, debit and e-checks are accepted.

**Convenience Fee Notice**
Online and phone payments (including automatic & recurring payments) made to utility billing accounts from a checking or savings account are free of charge. However, online payment by all other methods (credit/debit card, PayPal, Google Pay, Venmo, or Apple Pay) will incur a small convenience fee for each payment transaction (disclosed before check-out). Phone payments made by credit/debit card are also assessed a small convenience fee. This convenience fee is not collected by PWSD, but is collected by our secure payment processor to cover the costs of the transaction.

Check, Cash and Money Order Payments:

These payments may be made via the US Postal Service & in our office.

Mailing address:
Parker Water & Sanitation District
PO Box 5250
Denver, CO 80217-5250

Office Location:
Parker Water & Sanitation District
18100 E Woodman Drive
Parker, CO 80134

Drop Box Payments
For your convenience we have a 24-hour drop box located at: 18100 E Woodman Drive. Please refrain from utilizing it for cash payments and suspension payments.  These must be brought into the office during business hours.

Pay by the Due Date:

PWSD issues bills once per month, around the 6th of each month. Payment for the billed balance must be received by no later than the last day of the month in which the balance was billed.

Unexpectedly High Bills:

If you need assistance or have questions about an unexpectedly high bill, please reach out to a Billing Account Specialist at 303-841-4627, Option 3. 

Please note that if AquaHawk service is available for your account, you will need to enroll in this service and be familiar with your online consumption information before an account specialist can take any action on your account. 

Pay a Delinquent Notice:

  • Delinquent notices are produced the first business day following the end of each month.
  • To avoid a $95 delinquent fee and possible suspension of service, please pay your delinquent amount no later than 7:30 a.m. on the 13th of the month.
  • If a payment arrangement is needed, you MUST contact the Customer Service department, during business hours, PRIOR to the 13th of the month at 303-841-4627.

Get my service reinstated:

  • Make your payment in cash or money order at our office.
  • Make a Credit Card payment via our online or phone payment option.
  • Account for an $95 Suspension Fee which MAY NOT be reflected in the Balance Due.
  • Call the Billing Department at 303-841-4627, or e-mail Billing with the Credit Card Payment Confirmation Number so that service can be re-instated. (Credit Card Fees Apply).

**Please Note: If your water has been suspended and you pay on-line AFTER 4:30 PM, it will NOT be turned on until after 8:00 AM the following morning.

Meter Re-Inspection Fees, Tap Fees, and Hydrant Meter Deposits

PWSD accepts payments for Meter Re-Inspection Fees, Tap Fees, and Hydrant Meter Deposits online. 

To pay tap fees, meter re-inspection fees, or a hydrant meter deposit online, click here and select the “Hydrant Deposits/Tap Fees/Re-Inspect” button. 

Simply complete the information (minimum required information is indicated by *), select the Type of Payment, enter the amount to be paid, and then confirm your information to proceed. 

Bulk Water Services:        

PWSD provides both Bulk Water Station and Hydrant Meter Bulk Water services. To qualify for a hydrant meter permit, your project must be located within the district, you must provide and maintain back-flow prevention, you will need to request and  complete a Hydrant Meter Permit application, and you will need to provide a meter deposit once your permit application has been approved. 

If you have any questions or need assistance with the online account and payment service, please contact PWSD Customer Service at 303-841-4627 or email us at Thank you for being a valued customer!