Find a Leak

How to read your meter to detect leaks:
First, locate your meter (the majority of meters in Parker Water & Sanitation District are in the basement). Make a note of the meter reading. If the leak detector indicator is moving, there is water moving through the meter.

Second, turn off all fixtures in and around your home, and don’t use any water for an hour. Then go back and check the reading on the meter, if it has changed, you have a leak or leaks!

Parker Water has free leak detection kits available to our customers.

How does a water leak affect my water bill?
 Waste in Gallons
Per Month

 1/32" drip
 1/16" trickle
 1/8" stream
 1/4" stream
Obviously, making sure your toilets and other fixtures are free from leaks can save you a lot of money.

Visit with great advice on everything you would like to know about toilets!

PWSD leak
How often should I check for household water leaks?
We recommend you check for water leaks twice a year; after winter season when pipes can freeze and crack and again during summer when irrigation systems are working full force.
TIP! Check for leaks in October of every year!  
The consumption for November, December and January, of every year, are used to set your Waste Water Flow Average for the year.