Water Purification Facility

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Recent Questions about the new WTP

1.    I live close to the new water treatment plant.  What are the chemicals that are being used and what are the dangers to me?  What are the emergency procedures?     The chemicals at the new water purification facility are being used for taste and odor control, oxidation of metals, total and dissolved organic carbon removal and disinfection. Each of the chemicals used at the plant are rated as NSF 60 – which is an international standard for drinking water plants. There is no danger to the community with the use of these chemicals. Safety measures in place at the water purification facility include chemical containment areas, which are used to capture any chemical should there be a spill, alarms within the building to notify operators should there be an issue with any chemical system, and other standard operating procedures.

2.    I live close to the new water treatment plant.  What type of noise issues might I experience?   The new water purification facility has been constructed to mitigate noise to the community. There should be no noise issues due to the operation of the plant, other than typical landscaping maintenance activities such as lawn mowing.

3.    Will there be lights on all the time?    Lights inside the new water purification facility will be run as needed, both during the day and at night. PWSD is also in the process of installing new lights in the parking area, which will be lit at night, similar to roadside lights.

4.    Is the water quality safe?  What is different?  Should I notice a different taste?    The water quality from the new water purification facility is safe and has been treated to state-regulated water quality guidelines for drinking water. There should be no noticeable taste difference between the water you have previously been receiving through the distribution system.

5.     Will there be any types of odors from the plant?     There should be no odors associated with the new water purification facility.

Have more questions?  Please email them to pwsdengineering@pwsd.org

Sampling of the Water Purficiation Plant Discharge into Newlin Gulch