Phase IV(b) Pipelines

The Phase IV(Bb) Pipelines project involves approximately 9,000 lineal feet of 16-inch diameter Advanced Waste Treatment (AWT) pipeline, and approximately 9,000 feet of 30-inch diameter alluvial pipeline between PWSD’s Regional Pond site and PWSD’s Cherry Creek Diversion & Pump Facility.

The 16” pipeline allows us to move more water from Regional Pond to the Cherry Creek Diversion & Pump Facility and ultimately to storage in Rueter-Hess Reservoir.

These pipelines are a vital part of how PWSD moves its wastewater return flows (which continue to grow), as well as its excess alluvial water.

These pipelines are the final phase of the infrastructure along Cherry Creek which have been master planned to convey all PWSD’s return flows and alluvial water to storage in Rueter-Hess Reservoir (through the Cherry Creek Diversion Structure).
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