Aeration Basin Curtain Replacement

The PWSD North Water Reclamation Facility was built in 2003 to treat up to 2 million gallons of raw sewage per day.  On site there are two identical concrete A-Basins each with a 1 MG volume.  In each A-Basin there are three rubber membrane curtains segmenting the anoxic and anaerobic zones of treatment in the A-Basin.  The A-Basins curtains are currently made of a geomembrane material suspended from a cable that spans the width of the A-Basin.  Over time, the curtains have torn repeatedly from the uneven fluid forces the treatment process exerts on each curtain.  The detrimental results from the curtains tearing include decreased efficiency in the sewage treatment process and increased maintenance cost from repeatedly replacing and repairing damaged curtains. 

Replacing the curtains with a more durable concrete masonry unit (CMU) baffle design will restore the A-Basins to their original functionality and mitigate all of PWSD concerns of future curtain / barrier premature failure. With completion of the A-Basin Curtain Replacement Project, PWSD will benefit by increasing efficiency in the sewage treatment process and decreasing maintenance and replacement costs.

Torn A-Basin Curtain at the North Water Reclamation Facility

A-Basin Curtain