Rebates & Irrigation Audits

Thinking of installing a SMART irrigation controller?  Maybe upgrading those inefficient spray heads in your irrigation system?  Or is a rain sensor the item that will help you water more efficiently?  Look into our 5-Easy Steps to participate in our rebate program!  For more information click here.

Slow the Flow No-Cost Irrigation Audits
Low Flow Head
Stay green and save blue with a no-cost sprinkler inspection!  Saving water on your landscape doesn't mean giving up lush, green lawns.  Get an irrigation inspection that will help keep your grass healthy AND help you manage your summer water bills through efficient watering!  After the inspection, you will receive a detailed report of issues that are easily fixed, but may be costing you money.  Also included are recommendations to make your sprinklers more efficient, along with a customized water schedule to help you save water and money!

The Slow the Flow Program comes at no cost to you thanks to a partnership between Parker Water and Sanitation District and the Center for Resource Conservation.  All you need to do is sign up!  Don't be surprised by a high summer water bill, be proactive and take action now.  Sign up Today!
Email or call (303) 999-3824 to schedule your appointment.
Voluntary Water Restrictions

The Honor System - Unlike many other Colorado communities, Parker Water does not have any "mandatory" watering restrictions at this time.  We do ask that customers follow the voluntary watering schedule posted each season on this website.  So far, the honor system has worked well for our community and we appreciate your cooperation.
Click here for the Voluntary Water Schedule.