Water Meter Replacement Program

General InformationParker Water & Sanitation District (PWSD) is committed to effective management of our critical water resources. In 2016, the District began replacing its aging water meters with new models that provide greater efficiency and conservation technology.  The final phase is in full swing!  The District is continuing to partner with Utility Metering Solutions (UMS) to complete the installations.  Key benefits of the new technology include:

  • Customer service enhancements that empower customers to understand and manage their water use;
  • Increasing water metering effectiveness and reading efficiency; and
  • Provides more water use data to inform operating/engineering/financial decisions

UMSUMS is a nationally recognized group of experienced professionals who are helping streamline the project, while supporting one of our primary valves –customer satisfaction.  UMS will be notifying customers by letter and door hanger when crews will be working your neighborhood.  All installers will have ID, wear UMS uniforms, and travel in marked vehicles. 

Installation Information

Depending on your area, the water meter may either be installed in your basement or crawlspace, or in a pit out in front of your home. You will be notified when UMS is working in your area.  There is no charge to you for this meter replacement.  

INSIDE METER SETS: If the water meter is inside of your home, you will need to schedule an appointment with UMS.  You will receive a letter giving you instructions on how to schedule an appointment, how to prepare the area around the water meter for replacement, and what to expect during the appointment. 

 OUTSIDE METER SETS: If the meter is in a pit in front of your home, no appointment is necessary.  You will receive a letter letting you know UMS is working in your area.  Technicians will check if anyone is home before conducting the meter replacement, and let you know how long your service will be interrupted.  

You will be provided information on the new customer portal – AquaHawk, and how you can register for this no-cost service to help you manage your water use.  You will be provided information about whereto call if you have questions.  

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Inside Meter Sets                                                How to make an appointment                         Before your installation                                   What to expect during the appointment

Outdoor Water Meter Sets

AquaHawk -Online Water Management Tool

How to check/adjust your PRV    or                       YouTube video on how to Group Opens in new windowadjust a PRV

Project Area Map

F A Q's

Meet Your UMS Installers

Project Contacts:

UMS - (844) 741-6248
PWSD - (303) 841-4627                                 Project Email - replacemymeter@pwsd.org    Project Coordinator - (720) 842-4233

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