Well House Filtration Project

Crane installing the Canyons Filter A large portion of the drinking water that Parker Water & Sanitation District provides to our customers comes from well water that is located hundreds, and in some cases thousands, of feet below the surface of the ground in the Denver Basin Aquifer. This well water can sometimes appear discolored (red or brown) because of naturally occurring minerals, mainly iron and manganese. These minerals are a part of the rock sandstone formation that has existed in Colorado for millions of years.

While safe to drink, we recognize that this discolored water is inconvenient and, in some cases, alarming for our customers. 

In an effort to reduce the iron and manganese, PWSD has begun the process of implementing filtration in our well houses. This is a phased program that has a targeted completion date of 2025. When the program is complete, the discoloration that our customers experience should be greatly reduced.

Below are answers to some frequently asked questions about the Well House Filtration Project.

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