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Posted on: July 20, 2018

Summer Water Bills

Does your water bill seem higher than normal?  You may not be alone.  PWSD saw high customer water use in June, mainly from increased irrigation.  This was the result of the record number of days over 90 degrees, coupled with very little rainfall.   Your July bill includes water you used from around May 23rd  to around the same date in June.     That weather trend is continuing into July, and normally August is hot and dry as well.  If you are watering your lawn more because of the heat, here are a few tips to help you water wisely.

  • Check your irrigation clock - Know how many cycles you are running, how long each cycle is, and how much water you are applying in each cycle.  Watering two days a week should be sufficient during most of the summer.  Only during extreme heat should you need to water a third day.  On your irrigation days, use the “cycle & soak” method by applying water in multiple cycles and waiting for water to soak in between cycles.  The key is to know how much you are watering so you won’t be surprised by your water use on your next bill. 
  • Do a weekly walk-through of your irrigation system – Check each watering zone once a week to check for leaks and broken or clogged heads. 
  • Adjust your sprinkler heads to be more efficient – Water your plants, not concrete or asphalt.
  • Don’t water in the heat of the day (between 10 a.m. – 6 p.m.), when it is windy or during rainstorms. 

If you think your irrigation system could be more efficient, and need a little help figuring out where to start, consider using our no-cost irrigation audit program through Resource Central.  This consultation includes:

  • A visual inspection to check for problem areas;
  • Efficiency tests measuring water use and irrigation coverage;
  • Minor sprinkler head adjustments; and
  • A customized watering schedule. 

Sign up today: (303)999-3824. 

(Appointments are limited and are scheduled on a first-come, first-served basis, so act quickly.)

If you have recently had the water meter changed through our meter replacement program, be sure to register for AquaHawk Alerting at  

Set up your customized leak detection and estimated usage notifications to help manage your water use. 


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