How will it impact the surrounding community?

The most direct impacts will be felt by neighbors in the Heirloom neighborhood. We will share information as it becomes available, but generally speaking, we anticipate increased traffic through the neighborhood, particularly on weekdays, and there will be construction noise and vehicles present throughout the day.

PWSD is implementing the following to help mitigate community impacts:

  • PWSD vehicles and contractors are instructed to use the Hess Road entrance to the site rather than neighborhood streets whenever possible. &
  • Construction will not begin before 7 am except in certain instances, in which case we will request a variance from Douglas County.  
  • In an effort to limit nighttime impacts, we will be taking a “dark skies” approach to the building. This means avoiding the use of uplighting and limiting downlighting to minimum required levels.  
  • The new building will have indoor parking for a number of our fleet vehicles, which means neighbors will not have to view the majority of vehicles after hours. This also means we can reduce the need to provide security lighting in the parking lot.  
  • The building has been designed to seamlessly integrate into the natural grading of the hillside, rather than on top of it, in an effort to minimize disruption to neighborhood views and sightlines. 

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1. Why did you choose this location?
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5. How will it impact the surrounding community?
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