Claim: PWSD passed a major rate increase immediately following the elections.

Fact: While all water providers require rate increases to keep up with the increased costs of providing water and wastewater services that come from inflation, regulatory requirements, and other pressures, the PWSD board generally only looks at rate adjustments during the annual budgeting process in the fall. The board works with staff to limit rate increases to levels needed to provide continued service and seeks to moderate increases to track as closely to inflation as is reasonably possible.

Additionally, any rate adjustments proposed by PWSD must be posted and open for public comment 30 days prior to any public hearing at which the board will consider the adjustment. Under Parker Water’s policies, we also host two required public hearings before adoption by the board. This means any rate or fee changes, if approved by the board, would not be effective until nearly 60 days after the notice. Additional information about how PWSD sets its rates and fees, along with information about the 2024 rate and fee adjustments, is available on our homepage.

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9. Claim: PWSD passed a major rate increase immediately following the elections.
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